The Technology

The technology used for Laser Tag is the same as that used when the military go on practice exercises.

Each gun is state of the art and works just like the real thing – without the bullets!

m5 (1) m4
The MP5 is a general purpose sub machine gun. Ideal assault weapon for special operations capable of fully automatic fire. The M4 MACHINE GUN  is capable of sustained heavy fire power and is equipped with a large ammunition capacity.
Rate of Fire 450 RPM
Reload Time
4 secs
Rounds per Clip
Clips 20
Range 300 Mtrs
Rate of Fire 550 RPM
Reload Time 4 secs
Rounds per Clip 70
Clips 40
Range 400 Mtrs
  • It looks and feels just like a real gun
  • It has a laser aiming device so you can pinpoint your target
  • Makes the same sounds as a real gun, so you can’t hide from the enemy
  • It has to be reloaded, this takes about 4 seconds, just like changing a magazine on a real gun
  • It is accurate up to 400 metres, which you will need in our 100 Acre woodland setting

If you want to experience a game that will truly simulate a full-on battle situation, without the pain of paintball, why not Contact us to book today.