Laser Tag for Kids – Be the Cool Parent!

When your kids start to push their teens, you try to be as cool for them as possible. What better way to do that than to give your kid the coolest birthday party EVER??!! Set up a Laser Tag game for your child & his/her friends and they will all love you!


No Cheating = No Quarrelling = No Headaches!

The laser technology used in Laser Combat makes cheating impossible. The kids will keep on having their fun without any fights, so you can sit back and relax!

No Mess

Laser Tag is a clean sport because it has no physical ammunition of any kind. So no colour smears or bruises, and we supply camouflage boiler suits and camouflage face-paints!


img-kids-gamesLaser Tags guns emit harmless infrared light that acts as bullets. Furthermore, we employ military trained safety marshals who keep an eye over the kids as they are engrossed in play.


Kids hate protective gear – In Laser Tag they don’t need any!
Because Laser Tag is safe & harmless, there’s no need to force your kids to wear masks and goggles that they find cumbersome and embarrassing!

Bringing Laser Tag to you
If you don’t want to drive up to our site, we can set up a Laser Tag game at your place!

We cater to your catering needs
We give you a one stop solution for a great playtime AND arrange food and drinks if you wish!

Priceless, yet affordable
Watching your child have the birthday of their dreams!  €30pp

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